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Rack Equipment


Warm Forging Cell at MVO GmbH

This innovative technology, the Bishop Precision Warm Forging Die and Warm Forging Cell produces variable and constant ratio steering racks. The racks produced in this process are net shape, free of flash and hence, require no finish machining of the teeth or the rack faces that contact the rack pad. As-forged tooth mesh quality achieved is DIN Class 9 or better. The process technology has now been developed to the point that virtually all commonly used rack steel grades can be used.
MVO GmbH Metallverarbeitung Ostalb, located in Schwäbisch Gmϋnd / Germany, invested in a Precision Warm Fording Cell and will produce Warm Forged steering racks for the world market from mid 2012

Tooling Set


The Bishop Y-Forging and D-Forging Dies are the heart of the Warm Forging Cell and precision warm forms a constant or variable ratio Y-Shape or D-Shape steering gear rack from a cylindrical bar.

The Bishop Forging Dies produces a stress relieved near net shape product of consistent quality with precision gear teeth. However, it avoids the distortion produced by the high residual stresses associated with cold forging and the lower hardness caused by decarburization in hot forging.