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Steering Valve Technology

Bishop valve technology offers a combination of very low noise levels and flexibility of valve boost characteristic. Dedicated processing of the sleeve and valve using Bishop processes results in maximum dimension control of the interacting metering edges at minimum processing time and cost.


ATS Valve

The Bishop ATS Power Steering Valve allows low noise levels to be achieved without the need for accurate high cost input shaft metering edge grinding. The valve uses an innovative fluid arrangement resulting in substantial reductions in fluid cavitation. ATS Valves provide high levels of flexibility in the boost characteristic.

On-Center Detent (OCD)

The Bishop OCD System offers dramatically improved on-center steering stiffness for medium and high speed freeway driving, while unaffecting parking effort and steering gear friction. It is adaptable to most rotary valve formats.


Bishop VARIATRONIC is a speed-sensitive power steering solution, which offers complete flexibility in boost characteristic as a function of vehicle speed, with a minimum of additional componentry compared with a standard rotary valve.