Perfection, taken to the next level

Our technologies

If a company wants to provide the best solutions, it must continually seek to advance its production techniques. With state-of-the-art machines and services - and our continual determination to perfect these - we ensure that Bishop as well as our licensed manufacturers reliably meet the growing requirements of the markets as well as those of our customers - today and in the future.

Precision Warm Forging

Our precision warm forging die and  warm forging cell produce steering racks with constant and variable ratio. This process ensures that the racks are net shape, free of flash and consequently require no finish machining of the teeth or the rack faces that come into contact with the rack pad.
The as-forged tooth mesh quality achieved is DIN Class 9 or better. The process technology has now been developed to the point that virtually all commonly used rack steel grades can be used.
In cooperation with MVO GmbH Metallverarbeitung Ostalb, another company of GMH Gruppe, we offer precision warm forged steering racks for important markets around the world.

D-Forging Dies

The Bishop D-forging Dies are the heart of the warm forging cell. We use them to produce stress relieved near net shape products of consistent quality with precision gear teeth. Precision warm forging forms a constant or variable ratio D- or V-shape steering gear rack from a cylindrical bar.
This means the distortion produced by the high residual stresses associated with cold forging and the lower hardness caused by decarburization in hot forging are avoided.

R&F Measuring Equipment

Extreme tolerances apply in some parts of the automotive industry.  In order to meet these requirements, especially steering racks with variable ratio teeth need to be inspected with a Rise&Fall (R&F) gauge. For constant and variable ratio steering racks the R&F gauge enables us to inspect the rolling curve of the pinion, the rack-gain (the distance covered on the steering rack for one rotation of the pinion) as well as the rack roll effect over the stroke of the steering rack.

SS11-CNC Sleeve Slot Generating Machine

The SS11-CNC Sleeve Slot Generating Machine produces highly accurate, multi-featured internal slots in power steering valves. The robust modular machine has different functions such as boring, automatic loading, automatic indexing, orientation and variable slot width.

Feather Edge Grinding Machine (FEG)

The Bishop Feather Edge Frinding Machine (FEG) produces metering edges in power steering rotary valve input shafts to an extremely high accuracy. This provides the precise form, tolerance and angular position of the metering edges needed for high fidelity, low noise steering valves. This machine also offers 100% in-process gauging of incoming and outgoing parts.